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Welcome to Secret

We are a Wirral based company who  customise existing furniture by installing secret compartments inside them. We start by carefully selecting existing furniture (of all types and vintage) for its high build quality and potential for spacious yet discreet concealment. We then process each item by:

  Restoring it where needed to near-new condition

  Customising each item by hand

  Finishing it to a high standard


Each item is, however, left with some cosmetic distress, which helps it blend in to a domestic setting, as if it has been in your home for years. Our products are therefore not only high quality and desirable in their own right, but provide you with practical security and privacy, knowing your valuables are close at hand, but safely out of sight.

Our secret compartments offer perfect, practical protection for:


Electrican's Tools

Hazardous Items

Travel cash, bank cards and passports

Grooms Kiss

Secret Plans

Emergency funds

Computers and hard drives

Simply safer by design
All our secret compartments are hidden in ordinary household goods- mainly furniture- and opened by simple mechanisms. The compartments range in size, from 'large book', to some that can hold multiple laptops. We can also make one to suit you, too, for a specific item...
Oak dresser
Paels chest, drawers open
Square record cab.
Oak bureau
button chest
Record and tape player