Frequently asked questions

How secure are the secret compartments?
Whilst 100% security can never be guaranteed, we believe they are more secure than a private safe- simply because if nobody knows it exists, it can never be broken into. We have all seen that the 'safest' of bank vaults are vulnerable to attack- but no thief, however determined- can attack something he doesn't know about.
How big are the secret compartments?
Each one is different- please see our gallery for one that matches your needs.
Can I have one specially made?
Yes, please see our BESPOKE SERVICES for details.
Can I have a secret compartment installed in something I already own?
Perhaps, but we'd need to see your item in person. We offer free 'consultation' around the Wirral area, and can visit at a modest 'call out' charge elsewhere. Please contact us with a query for details. We also offer a BESPOKE SERVICE    for specific items.
How do I open my secret compartment?
After purchasing, you- and only you- will be instructed in its use. Ideally, we would like to meet you for a demonstration, but you will also recieve clear instructions specific to your item.
Can I buy a secret compartment in confidence?
Yes. Our company is dedicated to complete privacy. We don't request customer details, and can accept cash transactions, if you prefer. The most private way is to meet your compartment designer on delivery/collection where you can recieve instructions on accessing your compartment, and can pay in cash. We can meet you at any convenient place (please see PURCHASE AND DELIVERY for details), but recommend you visit us at our storage area, on appointment, where you can obtain your item.
Night time deliveries/ collections are also available.

Will my secret compartment need keys or special codes to open it?

No, we make them so you can never 'lock yourself out'- though some use a strong magnet (concealed in a small item, such as a chess piece)  to unlock a catch. If you lost your 'magnet key', you could use a strong magnet instead. For extra security (eg if you share a compartment) we suggest using a 'cash box' of your own, if size permits. Some compartments, however, may be hidden behind a lockable drawer, we leave it up to you if you want it locked.


Can I 'try before I buy'?

Not really, due to the nature of our products. Only the purchaser of each compartment will ever be told how to use it.


What happens if it jams, or I forget how to open it?

Each purchaser will recieve an instruction sheet with your chosen purchaser name, plus item serial number. If you have any problems, email us with both details, and if they match, we will reply to your query. Without your name and serial number, we won't acknowledge either previous contact or purchase- so nobody can 'fish' for your details.