Product examples

Record player with tape deck
In this item, the CD player has been removed, allowing a secret compartment of 15cm wide, 12 cm high and 20cm deep to be installed. The CD front cover is removed by removing a steel pin, allowing the front to come loose. The record player and tape deck are left intact, and still work.
An item like this- fairly bulky and of modest value-  therefore provides good secret storage, easy access and practical use, but is of little interest to any intruder.
Oak bureau with false bottom
An early 20th century solid oak, 'fall front' bureau has been modified with a false bottom, 'locked' with two steel pins. On removing the side pins, the bottom is then pushed up from below, and removed. The compartment revealed is 45cm wide, 31cm deep, and 4cm high, perfect for laptops, paperwork, and computer peripherals. This bureau also has a semi-concealed opening top, locked by two pins, ideal for items needed more closely at hand.