Ordering a Custom-made Item


If none of the Secret Compartments in our shop suit you, we may be able to make one especially. Please contact us with your details, telling us:


1) The size of the overall piece of furniture you'd like,

2) The size of the secret compartment you need.



... plus any other relevant factors you think might be useful for us, such as preferred style. You could attach photos of items you like, for example, that we could try to match. There may be an item that meets your need already in our workshop- if not, we can source one or more 'potential' items for you, prior to customisation.



There will be an extra charge for this service, depending on what your needs are, but we will of course discuss costs and practicalities before we start any work.


We also offer free 'consultation' around the Wirral area on customising an item you already own.

Thank you, message received.